Winter_19 – T_niche


As the change of season approaches rather quick and we notice less leaves on the trees and the soup mix making it's way onto the shelves at our favourite grocer, we realise that the seasons of women are the most beautiful ever changing factor in our daily lives. 

As a ladies clothing brand we created this Capsule collection, complete with our favourite classics, with the beautiful women we get to meet and spend time with since we started T_niche. 

Just as rare as to find two of the exact same women, we have limited fabric for this capsule and is exclusive to only our online store. The chances of seeing someone wearing the same item in this collection is close to none. If you do see someone in the same clothes/print/style... Make friends, you'll love each other :)

Clothing should be an extension of who you are and be your voice without saying anything. From subtle statements to out of this world unique, we want YOU to feel like a queen in our clothes. Any item in this capsule will easily fit into your wardrobe without being just a boring addition.